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Doing Things Right

We want to make sure that the clients & projects we accept are the ones we feel good about and can make successful. This is a two-way street, so we want you to be sure that you'll be happy working with us. With both of us happy & confident, it'll ensure that we'll all enjoy the project and be dedicated to producing successful and high-quality work.

We hope that you find this page a refreshing 'tells it like it is' that makes you happy to work together.

If you are certain that you want to work with us, please contact us 

We Care About Our Process

We believe in a proven process that results in high-quality work & successful projects. With over 20 years of website development experience in different fields with diverse clients, we know how to build successful projects. They are a process that takes time, knowledge, experience, research, and hard work.

Understanding Your Business is Important to Us

To be successful, we'll need to fully understand what your brand, company and/or organization is all about, what your business strategy is, the current status of the project, info about any homework that has been done already, and what goals you're hoping for. We can then present you with a proposal consisting of more thorough logistics, actionable to-dos, and a project quote.

During our consultations, if we determine that the best solution for your goals or needs can't be best provided by us, we'll suggest an alternate course of action for you to take instead, as a matter of honesty & professionalism.

Discussions & Confidentiality

Professional trust between us is very important to our successful working relationship. To protect your privacy, we work with contracts and non-disclosure agreements to guarantee both of our rights are secure and that private information shared with us will remain private. All project related data that you share with us is stored on encrypted computers & servers for your security and is never shared with other parties, unless requested by you.

Project Quotes

During our initial contact conversation, we will ask what your realistic budget is for the project. If you don't have a budget or refuse to share it, we will not schedule a personal consultation. If you don't have a budget planned, then it's likely you're not ready to proceed with the project. Potential clients who refuse to share their budget or vital information with us will be declined, because we will not waste our time with secretive or unprofessional behavior. If you're looking for cheap, cut-rate work or are shopping proposals for the lowest price, we will decline working with you.

During our meeting consultation, if we determine that we can achieve your goals with your project and budget, and that we'll all be happy working together, we will then generate a proposal & quote document to send to you.

We incorporate many aspects into determining our project proposals for websites and design projects. We simply cannot give you a solid estimate on time and budget without knowing more about what your needs are, what research has already been done and needs to be done, what gaps exist, the size of the website, what content & graphic assets need to be created, who the audience/demographic is, and what exact deliverables are expected & agreed upon.

Put another way, if you ask an architect how much a custom home will cost to design & build, they cannot give you an estimate without knowing everything you want in your new home; how many rooms, plastic or copper piping, wood floors or carpeting, marble or Formica counters, etc.

We don't quote projects via email or phone. We only quote projects after knowing the best way to achieve your goals. Also, we don't give quotes based on a list of requirements sent to us.

What We Expect

Our work is focused on your brand's goals, as well as your customers. We believe in honesty & professionalism in our relationships with clients. We respect your time & expertise in your field. We expect you to respect ours.

Since you're a busy person building your brand and business, we want to maximize our time & effectiveness together. We ask for the following:

  • We're happy to consult with you and help you determine your project's goals and the work involved. It is only fair to ask that you have as much information as possible prepared so that we can help you.
  • Please be willing to share information with us that we'll need to determine your project's goals. Secrecy & surprises we didn't expect will impact your project's completion timeline and cost.
  • We will ask you what your budget is for the project, so please determine one. If you don't have a budget, it's a signal that you're not ready to proceed.
  • We do not compete with quotes or pricing from other shops. Most are low quality designers or amateurs turning out cheap templates & clunky websites. What we charge is not meant to be competitive. If you believe in your brand, our pricing should be seen as a high quality investment you'll be making in your brand & business.
  • If there is a general stylistic direction that you're seeking, we welcome this preliminary input to better understand your goals. However, don't ask us to copy someone else's design work or website. We are discussing YOUR brand and we will design stunning work to represent it beautifully.

    For many years, we've had competitors trying to copy & plagiarize our work and we look down on that. Our work is superior, which is why they try to copy us. 

Will We Be Happy Working Together?

If you're ok with the following, we'll all be happy:

  • You want the best
  • You appreciate high-quality work, attention to detail, and understand that such work comes with a price
  • You value your brand and know that cheap or free websites will not represent your brand professionally
  • You have formed a realistic budget, thought about your website goals, and are ready to proceed with a website. We will be asking you many questions during our consultation to determine if the project can proceed successfully.
  • You understand that to know anything useful about your brand, company, organization, or the project requires asking a lot of questions
  • You believe that communication and iteration are very important
  • You understand that professional and high quality website development is a serious field requiring years of experience, mastery of many design, usability & programming disciplines, and requiring countless hours of education & reading to keep current with the technologies involved
  • You understand that there is more involved in professional design than "making it pretty"
  • We respect your time & expertise in your field. We expect you to respect ours.
  • We don't offer discounts and you understand why

In Closing...

We will refuse some projects that we feel are a bad fit, but that leaves us open to projects we feel can be developed successfully & happily with those clients.

Our clients come to us, and many are referred to us by existing clients, because they desire the highest quality of work. That level of work is only possible with a mutual trust between our approach & process and a potential client. Our work can't be successful if we don't have a good client to support and help us with the knowledge of their own brand, business & field.

If you like the way we work and you’re willing to invest in our quality work, service & experience, please get in touch with us. We're confident that it'll be an excellent fit and we'll do great work together